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Tapestries. Pillows. Interior

Tapestries. Pillows. Interior

A unique gallery in the historic heart of Ghent.

About Us

If you want a souvenir from Belgium and want hip dressing for your interior at the same time, Belgian Treasures is the place. A place where contemporary ornaments and the romance of the Middle Ages merge.

In our gallery, you will find a selection of the most beautiful Belgian tapestries, reproductions from the time that Flanders was the centre for handmade tapestries. The original pieces still hang in castles and museums all over the world.

We have also created matching handbags, pillows and throws in the same fabric as the tapestries. Our interior accessories are a gift for yourself and give your home or office warmth and cosiness. Extraordinary treats surprise your senses.

The open-door shopping area is full of surprising objects & stylish home accessories.

A unique gallery in the historical heart of Ghent.

Ann Stevens

Castles, Emperors and Tapestries

The Middle Ages were the peak of the tapestry industry. In addition to painting and sculpting, the tapestries were the most important visual art forms.

They have been made since the 14th century in weaving studios in Brussels, Bruges, Oudenaarde and Ghent.

Princes and emperors were among the greatest collectors. They showed off with the tapestries on the walls of their imposing castles. It was a sign of power and wealth but also a practical way to insulate the cold walls.

The mobile frescoes of the north.

Belgian Treasures

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